Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Fun Start to SJP Summer 2010

Firestone Library at Princeton University, the world's largest open-stack library. 
By Antonio Regulier (Roosevelt, NY)

Wow. I can't believe I made it to Princeton. This is a dream come true. The campus itself is beautiful, large and definitely welcoming. The food is, umm, we'll just cover that another time. The counselors are great. Their personalities, character, just everything about them is just awesome.

Before we left for dinner, a group of students, counselors and I played, "Zoom, Miglafigleano", which sounds strange but was a lot of fun and a nice balance to the serious parts of the program (which are also fun). During our group discussion tonight, we covered heavy topics such as why diversity in the newspaper makes a difference. Richard played the side of "devil's advocate" during most of the discussion and we realized that there was a purpose to the existence of the program. He brought us back to our starting point and challenged us to think about whether a news reporter can completely set aside their bias and be objective.

When I looked at the schedule today, I thought "Wow, this is intense." But I'm ready for whatever challenges the program may bring and the reason why is because I have the support of a newly found family.

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