Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seeing the Atlantic Ocean for the First Time

SJP '10 students from California are brought to campus by counselor Melisa Gao '06 (far left) 

By Franklin Lee (Los Angeles, CA)

Today I was honored to be given a chance to see the Atlantic Ocean through the window of a Continental Airlines airplane for the very first time.

The tiring yet exciting ride to Princeton University seemed to symbolically foreshadow the ten days I would spend in the journalism program. My first day here only confirms my prediction. As other students from New York and Maryland trickled into the room, we were able to discuss the wonderful articles we had read in advance for the program.

"My favorite articles were on the medical doctors," I confided.

"Yeah! And I also liked articles based off of a picture online. I thought the writing style was very unique," Yared Portillo, another student from California, said.

Our conversations between lunch and dinner strengthened our bond and by the time we went on to the  college tour and our first journalism workshop, I knew that the next ten days would be a wonderful experience that I will remember for a very long time. Though I have high expectations for the program, I am sure they will not only fulfilled but also exceeded.


  1. I can't wait to hear more about the program and all the wonderful experiences the students will have.

    The program really is a great opportunity for the students involved.

  2. Welcome to the east coast, Franklin! You and your fellow SJP-ers will enjoy every minute of the program -- be sure to take advantage of every opportunity presented.

    Enjoy! :)