Monday, August 3, 2009

CNN Breaking News Workshop

Students tour the CNN newsroom in New York City. (Photo Credit: Brian Rokus '99) 
By Brianda Reyes (Garland, TX)

I’d never really understood why I wanted to be a journalist; I just knew I did. But during our Breaking News workshop today, the metaphorical light bulb over my head turned on and shined with a bright intensity.

Leading the workshop was CNN producer Brian Rokus, an exceptionally engaging professional with not only wit but also wisdom. As he offered various examples of news that was reported as they happened, including 9/11, my stomach began to slowly drop. In his documentary America Remembers, I watched the CNN newsroom go into complete chaos as reports of the terrorist attacks came in, but yet the journalists had to control their reactions when they were reporting the news to the public. It was then that my stomach ceased its descent; I finally realized that situations like 9/11 were the exact reason that I want to pursue a career in journalism.

The idea of being the first to report a life changing event and influencing the audience while setting the standard for reports of the same event is what drives me as a journalist. As a human being I hope that nothing as tragic happens again in the future, but as a journalist, I hope that if it does, I’ll be the one sitting behind the desk or in front of the camera breaking the news to the world.


  1. =) i agree witht he sentiment aspect of brian's presentation very touching i like the fact that you incorporated that into the passion for the veracity and journalism itself GREAT JOB!!!
    WAPO Rocks!

  2. Nice job, Brianda. :3
    I too felt that sinking feeling seeing some of these events...Brian did however make the workshop really entertaining, aside from all the bummers!