Monday, August 10, 2009

Introductions to goodbyes

SJP counselor Julie Wood hugs a student on the last day. (Photo Credit: Brian Rokus '99).
By Leslie Gallardo (Chicago, IL)

These last moments I find myself wondering how I will feel after leaving the program. Many smiling faces will be missing. Another student and I were talking about all the times we ate ice cream in our newspaper team meetings. Time went by fast! Wow…. I still remember the first time I introduced myself as “Hi! I’m Leslie Gallardo, and I’m from Chicago.”

Now everyone will remember me with those words. The questions we all asked to our speakers were very interesting. Especially Nate’s question, “What is your definition of a successful journalist?” Although many inspiring journalists pointed us to different paths, we learned the true definition at SJP, it's about passion and curiosity.

Ana Rivera, another SJP student, became frightened after she remembered that curiosity killed the cat, but realized that when there is a fork on the road, she should just "pick it up" and follow her dreams. This journalism program has been fantastic and superior to all the other programs there are in the country. All students have learned to appreciate each other and we have bonded in a unique way that no other group has.

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