Sunday, August 9, 2009

If I wasn’t at SJP ...

SJP students and counselors brave last weekend's weather. (Photo Credit: Brian Rokus '99)
By Maria Guardado (Milpitas, CA)

If I wasn’t at SJP, I would sleep until I felt like waking up. I would wake up and find my dog waiting enthusiastically to go out for his morning walk. I would have to clean my room and do my chores.

If I wasn’t at SJP, I would be at home with my crazy siblings. I would talk sports with my brother, make fun of my little sister and tolerate my other sister. I would eat my mom’s home cooked meals and watch the news in Spanish with my dad.

If I wasn’t at SJP, I would have no need for an umbrella during the summer. I would not have drenched sneakers and jeans. I would have sunny days and blue skies every day.

If I wasn’t at SJP, I would be completely lost about college. I would be scared of college applications and doubt myself every step of the way. I would not have a support system to encourage me to apply to top colleges and to keep pushing myself.

If I wasn’t at SJP, I would know nothing about journalism. I would not have been able to experience great workshops. I would not have met intriguing professors and established journalists. I would not have gone up to strangers and asked for interviews. I would not have written my first articles.  

If I wasn’t at SJP, I would not have met extraordinary people. I would have missed out on Bent Spoon and “DRAGO!!!”(one of the director's favorite lyrics). I would not be inspired by the selflessness of four directors and numerous counselors who gave up their time, sleep and lives for 10 days to change the lives of 23 aspiring journalists.

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