Sunday, August 9, 2009

Preparation and inspiration

Greg Mancini '01, a founding director, gives advice about the college application process during a small, intimate newspaper team meeting. (Photo Credit: A.J. Kazlouski (Colorado Springs, CO)).

By Gohar Chichian (Queens, NY)

“We want you to know that we believe in you,” Greg Mancini, an SJP director, said.

The students paid rapt attention as the Princeton University Summer Journalism Program progressed and counselors gave a series of workshops about preparing for college. Beginning with a speech on how we were a group of talented individuals, founding directors Greg Mancini '01 and Michael Koike '01 proceeded to give us advice on what colleges to apply to, what we needed to work on and most importantly, that with proper dedication, we could do it.

The counselors are truly inspiring through their wisdom and advice, and I am glad that they will be helping us as we begin to go through the college application process. They have already held one-on-one college admissions counseling sessions with each of us and have helped us realize our strengths and weaknesses. They have genuinely expressed their desire for us to pursue a great future, stray away from limiting ourselves and to stop at nothing. This, essentially, is what has made me more confident of myself as a writer and future college student. I know that, with their help, I will be motivated to do my best during the college application process and that they will be with every SJP student along the way.

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