Monday, August 10, 2009

Sleep deprivation: A natural part of SJP

Students taking a short nap after lunch in the Rockefeller College common room. (Photo Credit: Gohar Chichian).
By Brianda Reyes (Garland, TX)

Throughout the program, we have been reminded over and over to differentiate between opinion and fact, between telling the straight news and editorializing. If someone were to say: “Fact or opinion?: The SJP kids were sleepy,” you would obviously decide the answer was “opinion.” Wrong. By now the lack of sleep and the extreme amount of exhaustion is so visible that it is a fact.

In attempts to spend as much time possible, some SJP students would stay up talking and absorbing as much information about the others as they could. Often, we’d say that we could always catch up on sleep later, but the next morning, we’d suffer. We struggled to remain awake, especially after eating; something I liked to refer to as “food sleepiness.” But, as we filed into our dorm rooms, we would be there, once again, making plans about where and what time to meet. It is ironic that although we came here to learn, we never learned from our mistakes…well, not that particular mistake anyway.

But, if you saw us when we were not eating, you’d never imagine that we only had a few hours of sleep. Our passion for journalism and our dedication to the truth gave us the extra energy we needed to stay awake and complete the task at hand. We didn’t need to dream at night because our dreams of success kept us up during the day.

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