Sunday, August 9, 2009

Journalism: From an interest to a passion

SJP 2009 poses in front of The New York Times building in New York City on Wednesday. (Photo Credit: Brian Rokus '99). 

By David Aguilar (Salinas, CA)

Before coming to the Princeton University Summer Journalism Program, I knew I was interested in journalism. But the Princeton University Summer Journalism Program has made journalism more real -- it has made it a passion rather than just an interest. The program has also taught me the various journalistic aspects that go into reporting like overcoming shyness around strangers to get the information you need for a story.

The diversity of the program has had a positive effect on me. It has made me more open-minded and considerate of the views of those around me.  Asmaa Rimawi from Brooklyn, NY is the first Muslim I have ever met. Many people’s perception of Muslims back in Salinas, California are greatly influenced by the media.   But after meeting Asmaa, I am able to go back home and share my positive experiences with a Muslim. Hopefully, I can shine a little bit of knowledge on their bias by telling them about Asmaa. She is an amazing person and I’m grateful to have met her.

I’ve also learned that diverse environments are places where I thrive best even after realizing through this program that with diversity come challenges. I think this is because of the journalistic curiosity burning inside of me and my relentless persistence to solving conflicts.

Dedication is a major part of the program and a characteristic that is shared by both students and counselors. Knowing that everybody around me is dedicated makes me push myself to complete my writing even when I have writers block and I’m not sure what to do next

Because of SJP, I found my niche in the world of journalism. The various reporting experiences I’ve had have allowed me to decide what suits me best as a journalist. I found that sports’ writing is something that I feel great comfort doing and I want to pursue my new found passion.

The memories of The Princeton University Summer Journalism Program will without a doubt last a life time.

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  1. Asmaa's not the first Muslim you met, David. I am :)