Friday, August 7, 2009

Newspaper Teams

Richard Just '01, a founding director of SJP and managing editor of The New Republic, teaching the "What is Journalism?" workshop. Photo Credit: Brian Rokus '99.

By David Aguilar (Salinas, CA)    

Saturday August 1, 2009 was my favorite day (so far) here at the Princeton University Summer Journalism Program (SJP). It was of course our first full day of LEARNING what journalism is. We had exciting workshops by Richard Just '01, Amanda Cormier (Columbia '12) and Natalie Shields (Queens '11).

Our day also included an array of guest speakers at meal times. What made my day enjoyable is that we split up into smaller groups (or in SJP terms, newspaper teams) to discuss our summer reading packet and also hang out together in the town and get ice cream at The Bent Spoon or Halo Pub. I was lucky to be put into the USA Today group because my fellow journalists are some of the most incredible people I’ve met. The first day of newspaper teams was really exciting because it was our first time in a smaller group where we were at liberty to discuss anything that was on our minds. We decided to go to Bent Spoon but left without eating ice cream, as we could not decide what we really wanted to do.

Our adventures took us to the Wodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, were a fountain attracts people to cool off during the hot summer days (but I have to say these days have been perfect). There we started into conversations of many social issues such as health care and taxes of all things, which seemed appropriate for the times we live in.

Our conversations also took us into where we wanted to attend college.The most important thing about newspaper teams is that we are introduced to new point of views and ideas that brew inside the intelligent minds of all these students that I’m lucky to be surrounded by here at Princeton.

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