Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Beauty and the (Daily) Beast

Students pose before the bright walls of The Daily Beast.
By Shawdae Harrison (Baltimore, MD)

The hour-and-a-half bus ride was well worth the wait when we arrived in New York City. We visited the city on Wednesday and the office of The New York Times was the first stop on our journalistic tour. The urban architecture of the building gave it the signature New York vibe and the huge New York Times sign was the perfect photo-op.

But the boring offices didn’t really do anything for me (no offense). When we stepped into the Times building, I felt like I could never picture myself there. Cubicles make me uncomfortable. I enjoyed the tour but I eagerly waited for The Daily Beast.

When we drove to the offices of The Daily Beast, I imagined that since The Daily Beast is a smaller company, that the offices would be cramped and modest compared to the The New York Times. But when we walked into the building, the d├ęcor screamed art deco and gave the building a great feel and warmth. The offices felt like people actually worked there. The splashes of color danced off the walls and etched into my head. Most of the walls were covered with chalkboards recording the results of the office foosball tournament.

I definitely noticed that the people there worked hard and played even harder. The staff welcomed the group and had no problem talking to us about the issues of journalism. Though not as big as the The New York Times, The Daily Beast took pride in its small but efficient offices. Character shined through on every floor and showed the true artistic and journalistic beauty of The Daily Beast.

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