Sunday, August 1, 2010

An Enlightening Conversation

Students Yared Portillo and Alfonso Toro engage in a debate.
By Yared Portillo (Santa Maria, CA)

This morning, the counselors rushed down the hallway knocking on our doors and screaming our names for us to wake up. I was already awake. And unbelievably excited, I might add.

As we sat down for breakfast, I looked around excitedly hoping to see Greg Mancini '01, one of the program directors. The night before, Greg noticed that I was debating with Richard Just '01, another director regarding an educational situation. That moment sparked a conversation on the educational system, which was very enlightening. It was the moment I realized I was truly surrounded by great intellectuals.

Greg had agreed to show me and a fellow classmate a book on advisories during breakfast, since we had talked to him about an advisory we were forming at our often disparaged school. As I saw the evidence and perspective Greg brought to our conversation -- I was struck. Is this what Princeton had to offer? If so, Princeton was slowly moving up on my list of favorite schools.

Our suspicions of what a great environment it would be were confirmed as we went on to talk to Richard about our observations in education as we walked to dinner soon, Richard had agreed to put us in touch with a woman who could address our educational questions. Princeton came with hook-ups too!

My growing love for Princeton reached a peak when I learned that today we would learn to make our own documentaries!

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