Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Dramatic Seventh Inning

Video by SJP '10 Counselor Amanda Cormier (SJP '07 Alum/Columbia '12)
By Tammy Chan (New York, NY)

Trenton Thunder vs. Binghamton Mets. WHO? Oh, "minor" league baseball. Definitely not the Yankees or Red Sox, but it is a minor league after all.

The baseball field looked pretty small, but still pretty decent. The actual seats, now that was a shocker. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have an actual audience, but the space seemed limited.

Along with a few other students, I was able to watch the game from the press box and interview people who closely follow the teams.

Pressbox seats and press badges at first didn’t seem much different than sitting in the furthest row back from the playing field itself. Even so, the environment in the pressbox was truly an experience. We had the scoreboard keeper on the right, then a person in charge of summing up the whole inning right next to him.

It took a long time for the game to really start. There was some play during third and fourth inning by the Mets, but Thunders were behind four points.

Bottom of 7th. The live action begins … FINALLY.

Bases loaded then three runs batted in. Next thing you know, Thunders are up three points. Almost there. Score: 4-3, in favor of the Mets.

It didn’t end there. Another base loaded, four more runs batted in and the Thunders made their comeback. Score: 7-4, in favor of the Thunders.

Victory. Score. Those words flashed on the screen in the field before our eyes, celebrating the victorious Thunders in making their comeback in this game that ultimately put them first in the Double-A Eastern League over the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

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