Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Long Ride Home

SJP '10 student Tashi Shuler-Drakes is seated between two alumni counselors.
By Tashi Shuler-Drakes (Bridgeport, CT) 

Tears, more tears, and a long ride home.

SJPers clung to each other while boarding the Princeton train called "The Dinky" and tried not to think of the final seperation that most of them would face at the next stop. Having become closer than we had thought during these 10 days, the seperation was more emotional than I had expected.

I had personally told myself that I wouldn't cry and I didn't. At least not until I was by myself realizing how much these people had meant to me and how much hope that they had given me. And the tears got worse when I remembered all the compliments they had given me and how they had all built up my confidence in their own ways.

So even though there were tears, at least I can say that they were tears of of joy. And I hope that I in turn have impacted some of them, as much as they had impacted me.

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