Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Importance of Knowing Everything

Professor Anthony Grafton is the Henry Putnam University Professor of History at Princeton.
By Charles Walker (Pasadena, CA)

When it comes to the world of journalism, we've have learned a number of things at SJP. A very important aspect of real-world journalism we've learned is to be well-versed in a variety other fields besides journalism, such as economics, math, history, and many other topics. We learned from director Richard Just '01 (Also managing editor of The New Republic) that in order to be an intellectual, an individual must be fascinated by a number of issues.

Personally, history of any sort has been true passion of mine, and I have learned that it can be used as a vital tool in being an every day columnist or reporter. Today's guest speaker was someone who greatly excited me and made me sort of see what I could be like in my future. The guest speaker was world-renowned history Professor Anthony Grafton, who contributes greatly to the humanities and the study of Western European civilizations. One particular part I enjoyed during Grafton's talk was his in-depth citations of early Western European history for an article about torture for The New Republic.

It was really an honor for me to meet someone as brilliant and prolific as Professor Grafton because of my own interest in history.

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