Thursday, August 5, 2010

Unexplored Backyard

Students pose on a set in the CNN newsroom.
By Frances Richburg (Bronx, NY)

New York! There’s certainly no other state like it, and that’s probably why there are so many successful media corporations there. We hauled out of Princeton and loaded onto a luxury bus headed to downtown New York. I definitely didn’t think heading back to my own town would be any fun, but we visited places I hadn’t had the opportunity to explore before. The day was packed with adventure, the best one by far being the nap on the bus after waking up at 5:45 am! We first arrived at The New York Times. As soon as we walked in, there were artsy electric panels that displayed random messages on an orange wall. The place was bright and colorful, and absolutely inviting to creative outbursts. We saw framed articles that previously received Pulitzer Prizes and we had a chance to speak with some reporters about their experiences and successes with journalism.

After that, we headed over to The Daily Beast, another aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere for journalism. After climbing to the second floor, we reached the comfortable space with an especially delightful food pantry. We spoke to several of the reporters in depth and got to see our counselor Mr. (Ben) Crair’s messy desk. There were a few colorfully designed walls displayed throughout the walk in the office and they were quite appealing. No wonder the visit turned into a short photo shoot!

After that, we went to CNN and took a gander at a few of the sets and the newsroom. Too bad Anderson Cooper was gone for lunch. After our series of tours, we went on an investigative trip to catch a few New Yorkers breaking the law by idling their cars for more than three minutes. This trip just proved that there are always new locations to discover even in your own backyard.

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