Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wanted: More Bonding Time

Students walk and chat together between workshops.
By Carissa Eclarin (Chicago, IL.)

While we spend most of our time attending workshops, meeting with our newspaper teams, and writing, I just cannot forget and must include that SJP has oodles of fun outside the world of journalism too.

For example, today had to be the “funnest” day of camp (so far). We finally had the chance to hang out when we met up with everyone after our newspaper team meetings and took a stroll outside of our usual route.

Our destination was the hip mom-and-pop dessert shop, the Bent Spoon, for a late dinner snack. SJP students and counselors crowded the shop outside and inside. After a round of fresh gelato ice cream for everyone, the volume of our laughter and conversations hinted at the happiness and enjoyment we all had.

Everyone sat around the benches, chairs, and tables around Palmers Square. It was quality bonding time for the counselors and students. Stories were shared, laughters were exchanged, and experiences were made.

The workshops and meetings enrich our knowledge and wisdom, but we’ve also been tired from staying up late from our late schedule, and the trip to the Bent Spoon was definitely a nice relaxing treat for everyone.

I just wish we had more bonding times like this. The number of days we have left at the camp is decreasing and we are all getting closer and closer with everyone, so we need to max out the time we have left.

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