Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On Social Networking

Students blog in the Scully Hall common room after midnight. 
By Shaiesha Moore (Chicago, IL) 

Journalism is always changing, with a past, present and future, always evolving to present new styles and techniques. A perfect example of this evolution is this blog post. In the past, journalists wrote specifically for newspapers, but today in a world where technology is constantly producing something new, the possibilities are endless. One man who acknowledges and teaches these changes is Columbia Journalism Professor Sree Sreenivasan.

Professor Sreenivasan taught us how the creation of social networks have become the gateway to advancement in journalism. I learned how to utilize the many networking sites like, Facebook and Twitter, and the benefits they offer when used properly. As a journalist, these networking websites allow the public to produce new ideas, and new ideas lead to great stories.

The world is constantly in motion and so is journalism; we have to always be adaptable and versatile in order to become efficient journalists. Here at SJP, along with lots of sleep deprivation, we are learning just that.

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