Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Great Figure of Our Time: Dr. Cornel West

By Antonio Regulier (Roosevelt, NY)

“Keep it funky” African American Studies Professor Cornel West said.

With his three piece black suit, black scarf, long chain pocket watch and static afro, Dr. Cornel West commanded the crowd’s attention as soon as he opened his mouth. Speaking with a spiritual tone, like that of a Baptist pastor, Dr. Cornel West reminded us all that we were all the same.

Even though it was lunch time and we were all tired from having completed a workshop with Brian Rokus and meeting with the Princeton Director of Admissions, no one could fall asleep.

He started by talking about the corrupt jail system which continued to enslave our black brothers and how more brothers were in jail rather than in universities.

Having been around popular politicians and influential men in America, Mr. West shared his knowledge on the topics of immigration, racism, and discrimination. Although he doesn't agree with the Obama Administration, he didn’t quite explain why he and Obama are on different ends of the spectrum.

Yet, Dr. Cornel West was very adamant about us being nothing but "creatures born between urine and feces."

As shocking as that sounds, it is true. He is right. Race is nothing but a political concept. We are all humans, and soon, our bodies will be "culinary delight for terrestrial worms."

So, it’s all about how funky you keep it when you’re alive because we are all going to the same place.

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