Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Look at New Media

 Elizabeth Gonzalez volunteers her Twitter account during the new media workshop 
By Elizabeth Gonzalez (El Paso, TX)

When someone mentions new media, the first thing that comes to mind is the Internet: how we use it in everyday life and the amount of time spent in social networking sites.

Through the New Media workshop led by Ben Crair and Tasnim Shamma, I gained a new perspective on the voice I can express online and an insight into their work experience at The Daily Beast and Newsweek. Columbia Journalism School Professor and "Tech Evangelist" Sree Sreenivasan also gave a presentation on the importance of using Twitter to stay relevant and keep in touch with the news.

I realized how important it was for newspapers and publications to be online and interact with their audiences, including our publication The Princeton Summer Journal. With social media tools, I can share intellectual information and personal views on subjects happening across the world. Though it sometimes feels like information overload, as individuals, we now have more choices and the ability to decide what is important. It's important of course, for participants in a democracy, to read a wide range of news sources and websites so that we can obtain an accurate picture of the news.

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