Sunday, August 7, 2011

(Almost) on the Edge of Glory

By Anhar Farag (North Bergen, NJ)

It is 11: 33PM, and all the journalists at the Princeton Summer Journalism program were busy working on their articles for the newspaper. It's 24 hours away from the much-anticipated newspaper, yet leave it to the wonderful counselors to make this rough night truly one to remember.

As all of the students were stressing out making statements, correcting grammar, and checking spelling, the counselors were planning to put on a surprise. Though half of us were sleep deprived, leave it to Lily Gold to come in jumping up and down followed by our amazing group of counselors behind her. The lights were on and off, and the hardworking journalists ran around the news room and shouted for a quick second. Richard had also joined us after putting up the biggest fight. Way to go Richard! Greg was also found in the line dancing. I certainly didn't expect that from Greg!

The minute the music turned off, we all sat back down and continued our articles in unison. Now that’s what I call motivation and determination.

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  1. Yay for dance breaks! Way to rock out like rockstars, ahem, I mean journalists : ).