Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thank You, Directors

By Anhar Farag (North Bergen, NJ)

I can honestly say I have never met a group more intellectual, successful and helpful as SJP. We have shared laughs, tears and personal conversation in just ten days. This group, which consists of 25 counselors who have all benefited us in multiple ways, but are unique in there own ways can never be forgotten. The founders of the program truly need a standing ovation.

1. Richard and Adrian are two of the sweetest guys you could ever meet. Both were very helpful and knowledgeable. Richard is what I like to call the devil's advocate and Adrian is our Latin karaoke singer. The memories we have had with these two truly deserve a book. I will never forget when I tried to argue that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is a good guy.

2. Rich and Melisa: Though Rich is an attorney general he is truly a sweet heart. His funny comment here and there are what make him the special guy he is and Melisa is the definition of brains and beauty. She shows you how with determination you can become knowledgeable and very successful. I admire the fact that Melisa is one of the few women editors The Daily Princetonian has ever had. Rich and Melisa, thanks a lot for letting us participate in a supreme court trial. It was truly a memory SJP will never forget!

3. Mike and Becky, I have had the pleasure of working with you on the same journalism team and on our first day we came across an accident on Witherspoon. Becky, you are such a sweetheart and working with you has been a pleasure. As for Mike, your witty comebacks and sarcastic side is admirable. Although we tend to argue, it just means you mean a lot to me. Everyone admires your presence and emails !!!!!!!1

4. Greg and Sarah, Where do I begin? Sarah you were one of the first of the counselors I met and your presence was much appreciated on late nights and early mornings. Greg my “best friend” I always bully you but in the end, I love working with you and you truly make me laugh. Not to mention your, I guess, we can say “awesome” dance movies. I really do look forward to working with both of you during the summer. Be prepared to get annoyed.

In the end, I love you all so much. You guys are like family to all of us, and I can’t imagine my life with out you guys. Thank you so much for taking time to help us and for share with us the best ten days of all our lives!! We will all never forget Princeton SJP 11 !!!!!!!1

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