Saturday, August 6, 2011

There is no sleep in journalism

By Lucy Vay (Los Angeles, CA)

Most teenagers can say they sleep until noon during the summer, but that's not the case for SJP students. Since we only have ten days here at Princeton, our schedule is packed: we begin our day with a 7 AM wake up call and by the time everyone arrives to the common room, we all somewhat resemble brain-dead zombies.

Though our days are grueling, after breakfast everyone perks up and doesn't seem like they were tired at all. And by nightfall, we are all completely energized: I've come to the conclusion that students here are nocturnal, which explains why everyone here is so sleep deprived.

However, hardly anyone complains about the lack of sleep. We all somehow make it through the next day as we look forward to crawling back into our beds, dreading the awful knocking on our doors the next morning. But that's okay, as "journalists never sleep" has become our unofficial motto.

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