Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friendships formed

By Catalina Mullis (Canoga Park, CA)

After watching the independent film “The Beginners,” PSJP counselor Brianda and I were bursting with energy. Although most of the students and counselors that viewed the movie were extremely unimpressed, I think that Brianda and I enjoyed the awkward, anti-social vibe of the characters in the movie.

As we waited outside for the entire crew to emerge from the theater, I watched how an older couple excitedly kissed each other and then ran across a cross walk. They smiled and giggled all along the way and that’s when I realized that the movie had most likely reminded them about the quirkiness that can exist in love.

I had an idea. I rushed behind Brianda with a contorted facial expression that I usually put on in order to make her laugh, and we decided that we would dance across the upcoming cross-walks in Princeton, New Jersey.

As the first one approached, we giggled uncontrollably, our bodies bending over and our stomachs aching from the amount of laughter that we were producing. Then, we saw the street ahead and we prepared ourselves.

Through a series of steps, Brianda and I wiggled our arms in the air, jumped up and down, and bobbed our heads from side to side. We made unusual sounds, “Booga, booga” and could not restrain ourselves.

Although a couple walking behind us attempted to rain on our parade by giving us looks of disgust, they unfortunately were not successful. Instead, Brianda and I continued to laugh hysterically.

We repeated this procedure for several crosswalks after, and when we had exhausted our energy, I was so amazed about what we had done together. First, I was amazed that as a student, I had been able to bond with a counselor in that weird way. Next, I could not believe that after meeting her for only a week, we had discovered our inner freaks.

That night was a fun night, one that I will never forget, and one that I could not have had without being part of the Princeton University’s Summer Journalism Program.

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