Saturday, August 6, 2011

Learning About Journalism, and Family, Too

By Citlaly Orozco (Los Angeles, CA)

With eight days gone by, SJP students have truly become attached to each other. It will be a drastic when the day finally comes for us to say goodbye.

From the very first day I met both students and counselors I was so happy to see the easy interactions between everyone. Introductions may have been ongoing, as students and counselors arrived to Scully, but it was a good way to remember everyone’s name. Now, however, it will be impossible to forget the names of our friends and the memories shared between us.

I feel that the experiences with the SJP family have truly reminded me of what I love best: writing and my future. Perhaps I was afraid to meet all students because they are all brilliant and succeeding, but now I see I was one among them. At first it was hard for me to speak up but now I feel that they are close to me and they are all part of a great memory that is unforgettable.

One of the goals of SJP is to teach journalism, but I have also learned about family this week--because it is the great family that we have formed that has made this program memorable.

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