Saturday, August 6, 2011

Working Up An Appetite

By Catalina Mullis (Canoga Park, CA)

For the past two nights, I have been very satisfied at SJP. This has been a result of the fact that we have been given outstanding Korean and Indian food, providing a contrast to the usual meals given to us, like pizza and sandwiches.

Korean food has never tasted better to me. I was instantly attracted to the classroom in Princeton’s Friend Building, because the smells filled my nostrils and made my stomach growl. From the sound, I knew that I was very hungry.

I rushed to the front of the line to get my paper plate, and instantly began grabbing all that I could get my hands on. As I reached the end of the line, my plate was clearly overwhelmed by dumplings (mandu), noodles (jabchae), sushi (kimbab), spicy chicken (dakgangjung), and beef (bulgogi).

I cherished every single bite, feeling like it had been years since I had had a good meal. Though I do admit that the SJP Program has constantly provided us with food, I have never felt quite as satisfied as I did at that moment.

That is why I was even more delighted when I had the same reaction to Indian Food. Once again, smells slowly made there way downstairs, and, as though I were hypnotized, I traveled up the stairs and into the room where the food was being held.

This time, I was at the back of the line, but this did not discourage me. Before me was rice (Basmati), bread (Naan), Samosas, and vegetables (Navratan Korma and Aloo Gobi). Again, my plate was likely to topple over, but I managed to reach safety and indulge in yet another delicious meal.

All and all, I am extremely pleased by the change in diet offered to me by SJP.

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