Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sharing more than just space

By Jessica Morales (Los Angeles, CA)
I was nervous about getting a roommate. I asked myself if the stranger I would be sharing a next-door room would be rude and unfriendly, or whether I would connect with her and have a good time. Arriving early to Princeton, with the Californian group, we all waited for the rest of the SJP students that were on their way. 

After lying down in my room to take a nap before the rest of the students arrived, I awoke with a scare. Stephanie, the person I'd be living with for ten days, was here. Stephanie comes from Massachusetts and I’m from California. At first we interacted as strangers, but with these past few days we got a lot closer.

We've shared a lot of memories. We exchanged pick-up lines in the New York subway, and we sang to each other. We sometimes bicker like newlyweds.

I’m really glad I was partnered up with someone who has a good sense of humor and, most importantly, shows her appreciation for me. I know I will miss her once we go back home, and I know she will miss me, too.  She has been a great friend and influenced a part of my experience at the Princeton Summer Journalism Program.

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