Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ramadan at SJP

By Rajaa Elidrissi (Elmhurst, NY)

Having the opportunity to come to SJP was a huge thrill for me. Unfortunately, Ramadan started the first Monday of SJP. Don’t get me wrong — I have always loved Ramadan, but I was nervous about not sleeping or eating as much at this program. I was concerned that it would affect my alertness and work ethic.

Some days have been rough, but I've managed to get through the week by being committed during the day and eating and sleeping as much as I could during the night. Each night when the sun sets and I break my fast, SJP provides delicious food.

Luckily, there are other people who are fasting here and it makes it easier for me to have someone who is in the same boat. Usually, I just sleep most of the day during Ramadan, but this program helped me remain active while I'm fasting. I've realized that sleeping all day is just wasting time, and hope to carry my energy and liveliness with me when I go home for the rest of the summer.

I thank all of the counselors and founders of the program for being supportive and gracious. They always made sure I always ate enough after sunset, and helped make this experience as easy as possible for me.

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