Sunday, August 7, 2011

Starting Newspapers

By Farah Amjad (Woodland, CA) and Eboni Boykin (Saint Louis, MO)

As everyone tries to finish their article in order to meet the deadline, there’s a unique energy in this room. It’s intense but there’s so much fun in this place. We both wish that this same atmosphere could exist in our school.

We both come from schools that have no student-run newspaper. It’s quite sad that students in our schools don’t have a way to raise concern about important issues or express their opinions.

SJP has inspired us to go back to our schools and start newspapers. Even if funding is not provided, we will try our best to open a student newspaper. As journalists, it’s our duty to tell the truth and as long as there is no newspaper at our school, the truth about issues that matter to students will not get out.

Hopefully, we will be able to begin a tradition of good journalism at our schools.

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