Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Movie for Four

By Autumn Clouden (Brooklyn, NY)

When SJP counselors and students had a movie choice of either The Beginners or Cowboys and Aliens, the outcome was not what you would expect. Only four of us – Nick, Kathy, Jessica and I – attended Cowboys and Aliens while everyone else went to see the other movie.

I thought that people at SJP would enjoy watching The Beginners. Boy was I wrong! After our movie finished we waited in the lobby for them to come out of the theater. Their reactions were hilarious: almost all of them were completely depressed or half asleep. Their facial expressions were just too funny. Only a few of them enjoyed the movie, but the rest of them seemed lost.

We all laughed our way back to the dorm. Nick, Kathy, Jessica and I made a good choice. I wonder if they would choose differently if they had to do it again.


  1. Wow Autumn. My response yes I would pick Cowboys and Aliens

  2. Beginners was awesome! Ending was really disappointing though... which explains our bewildered facial expressions. Lack of sleep for the last week explains the half asleep faces :-)

  3. We totally made the right choice! :)