Saturday, August 6, 2011

A New Experience on Every Plate

By Citlaly Orozco (Los Angeles, California)

A warm, delicious smell filled every corner of the room at Friend. Although I was not familiar with the food, it definitely had an inviting, welcoming aroma.

I had never before tried Indian food; it was a whole new tingling feeling inside my mouth. At first the smell reminded me of mole, one of many Mexican dishes my mom has made at home. But it looked unlike anything I had seen before--many colors and sauces caught my attention. I couldn’t walk out of that room without trying everything I'd seen.

SJP has introduced me with many varieties of meals. From Italian to Chinese to Korean to Indian, all have been satisfying--both to my stomach and my curiosity. I set aside my usual cravings for Mexican food and gave in to the opportunity to try all the variety of foods we have been provided with.
Counselors say, “Journalists don’t eat”. That’s quite a joke because here at SJP we journalists do eat a lot.

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