Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finding Your Passion

By Eboni Boykin (St. Louis, MO)

SJP went to the movies Friday night, where we had the choice of seeing “Cowboys and Aliens” or “Beginners.”

“Beginners” is your typical indie movie--creative and thought provoking. Indie movies just happen to be my forte, so I was totally in my element when I wrote the movie review. 

I especially enjoyed the movie critic workshop we had right before the movie, by Noy Thrupkaew of The American Prospect. She talked about how to review a movie without giving just a plot summary, and how to describe the techniques that the director uses in the movie to support your argument. Noy asked us all what our favorite movies were and why we liked them, and it was so interesting to see the impact film has on each person.

I enjoyed writing that review more than anything else I’ve written in the program. I was finally able to use the small things I notice about film, (camera angles, lighting, motifs, dorky film buff things like that) and turn them into an amazing review that was a work of art in and of itself.

Writing the review for “Beginners” was almost more fun than watching the movie. (It wasn’t bad, but if you’re looking for a film with an exciting ending, you should watch something else!) The experience made me think that arts criticism may be for me. 

That’s what SJP is about- finding the thing you’re passionate about and believing that you can do it, no matter how much money your parents make or what neighborhood you live in.

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