Saturday, August 6, 2011

Listening to Great Minds

By Farah Amjad (Woodland, CA)

Throughout my whole time at SJP, one aspect that I always looked forward to the most is listening to the brilliant speakers. We had the opportunity to listen to brave and respected journalists and professors with great knowledge and passion about academia.

As someone interested in pursuing foreign correspondence, I enjoyed listening to Griff Witte from The Washington Post. His stories about reporting from the Middle East and South Asia provided great insight into the difficulties that journalists face while reporting from difficult areas and situations. I also remember laughing when hearing his story of not being able to understand the jokes his translator and driver were making in Afghanistan.

Miguel Centeno, Professor of Sociology and International Affairs, was definitely one of my favorite professors. I was fascinated by his knowledge and passion for his work. His thoughts on globalization, war, Latin America and more were interesting and opened my perspectives about issues. He also talked about his experience being a minority student at Princeton, which other minority students can relate to even today.
Professor Miguel Centeno

These are just two of the awesome line up of speakers we’ve had this year. With each speaker, I’ve really opened my mind and I yearn to gain more knowledge about the different subjects each speaker discussed.

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