Friday, August 5, 2011

Just Believe

By Shellon Lambert (Queens, NY)

Walking into the lounge of our dorm on Princeton University’s campus on the first day of the Princeton Journalism Program was scary. There was no one that I knew.

Being greeted with smiles and cheers was certainly not the first thing I expected to happen. In reality, I expected us to start working right away.

With broad smiles, we went around the room asking each other’s names. Remembering and pronouncing some names was difficult. But we made it our obligation to remember.

The second night of the program felt like the fifth night. We all knew each other so well. It was like we met before in a different universe, or back in time.

This program has brought together high school students who might have never met.

It has showed us that there are people out there in the world just like us. The experience has ensured us that we will make it – that we will break through our struggles.

All we have to do is try. All we have to do is believe. Like Yolanda Adams’ lyrics say, “I believe that I can make it.”

That’s all we have to do: just believe.

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