Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A journalist's illness

By Sherese Morgan (Yonkers, NY)

As I play with my keys, running my index finger along the ridges and squeezing it tightly in the palm of my hand, I realize I have an illness. The metal starts to burn and my palm gets sweaty. This illness seems incurable and seems to be spreading rapidly throughout my body like cancer.

I am suffering from writers block.

The last four days at SJP have been absolutely and undeniably amazing. Everyday is an adventure for me and I find myself in certain situations that I never would have faced if I had not attended SJP. As the days progress it only seems to get better. The college admission workshops have allowed me to see my path to college more clearly. I have gained a lot more confidence in applying to prestigious schools that I had once considered as out of my reach.

I’ve also found the speakers to be inspirational. Melvin McCray spoke with SJP students on Sunday. I thought his lecture was uplifting. He said all the things I needed to hear, but he wasn't the only one. This evening for dinner we had Daphne Brooks as our guest speaker. She was full of energy and at the very end of her lecture she was swarmed with students and counselors craving for her insight on certain things. Her words allowed me to realize that if I worked hard and had a passion for what I did I could have a very successful career.

Between the amazing guest speakers who encourage us to fulfill our dreams and teach us that following our dreams can be rewarding, and the workshops that challenge us to test our limits, I can’t understand why I am suffering from writer's block.

As this illness consumes my body I am becoming a lot more discouraged. I find myself staring at the computer screen, looking down at the keyboard or even reverting back to playing with my keys, running my index finger along the ridges.

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