Sunday, August 12, 2012

Past memories and tears

By Chemi Chemi (Brooklyn, NY)

Writing my personal narrative for the past few days has been quite a challenge. Every time I read it, the sentences seemed to drag themselves down to the core of my heart, and I ended up in tears.  Those words came alive in my mind, and the past memories grabbed me like never before. The essay reminded me of my struggles. This piece of writing translated exactly how I feel and reminded me of the reason for having faith in myself: the knowledge that I can make it no matter what comes along.

I thank the counselors who supported me - you guys made me feel like I am not alone. I feel very proud of completing both my opinion piece as well as my personal narrative. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my editors. I have also enjoyed every workshop, especially the one on journalism and law. I was just amazed to learn the correlation between the two subjects. During these past eight days, I have opened my eyes to things that I never realized were so important to society.


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