Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Never a boring day

By Stephanie Frescas (Odessa, TX)

Something that’s been mentioned multiple times by the professional journalists in the program has been how there’s not really a typical day in the life of someone who’s job it is to find something as abstract as the truth.

The truth can be that the U.S. government values life at $9.1 mill, or that milk actually isn’t a miracle in liquid form, or that singing in a long bus ride “home” can bring you back from even the most exhausted, zombie-like state.

So if anything, this day full of what honestly seems like random knowledge, is probably what’s closest to the regular life of a writer.

I don’t think there’s another single career that has room for so much diversity in your day.  When a yearbook friend of mine interviewed me for the newspaper section, she asked me what I liked about journalism. I give awful interviews, so the quote was probably very vague, but the point I would’ve tried to get across would’ve been that you become a sort of “mini expert” on the subjects of your stories.  

I’m not an economic expert, but by listening and asking some questions of our speaker today, I learned something completely new to me. And I also only know very basic things about nutrition, but by being in the editorial workshop I learned something that would be new to a lot of people.

And I’ve always known the power of singing in hyping people up, but it was definitely still interesting.

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