Thursday, August 9, 2012

A mixture of emotions

By Lorena Aviles (Park City, IL)

I have experienced bliss and range and confusion and excitement all at the same time, but one emotion seems to dominate my heart: hope - hope that good comes from evil and evil comes from afar.

For the past few days, I have been optimistic, cheerful and simply content, perhaps because I am surrounded by counselors who genuinely care about others, or because I am enclosed in an environment where writing symbolizes truth, knowledge and a silent escape, or because I have no reason to be sad.

Sadness is a gloomy feeling, an unnecessary, yet beautiful part of life. The day I arrived at Princeton, I was carrying some personal burdens with me; our counselors, however, were truly sympathetic and made me feel better.

Even though as student journalists we have experienced sleep deprivation and annoyance at times, I can speak for myself when I say that SJP has opened my eyes to journalism- a quest for absurd reality, a quest for desirable authenticity.

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