Monday, August 6, 2012

The power of ambition

Chemi Chemi (SJP '12) in Prospect Garden
By Chemi Chemi (Brooklyn, NY)

This program has already become another support system for me, I am interested in law and I have already had the chance to talk to counselors who have worked in the legal field. I am far beyond impressed by the discussions we have had. It is almost non-stop. We can stay all up all night debating controversial issues! I couldn’t have expected more and I thank all the staff for their help in every aspect of this program. There are no words to express my gratitude and all you have done are priceless! Thank you very much for opening my eyes to journalism!

Despite the fact that SJP has been very intense, it has been an honor to have the opportunity to be part of this very special program. It’s amazing to know that each and everyone in SJP has the very vital motivation in journalism, that means so much to me personally because they have already become an inspirational source for me. Whenever I feel tired, I look up to my peers to continue striving. I am so glad that I am considering journalism for my future plans, I am loving it day to day as I meet more professionals who are journalists or others who strongly emphasize journalism as a power.

I simply love the fact that I am seeing so much cooperation between the students and knowing that counselors who actually are alumni have come back. That just shows that they have had great experiences and achieved a lot, which is the reason why they are willing to come back and donate their time and effort.

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