Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bonding over writing and exhaustion

By Sherese Morgan (Yonkers, NY)

The past few days have been strenuous, but the people I have gotten to know throughout this program have been very enlightening.

Our eyes are blood-shot red and we are continuously at war with ourselves. Some students drink coffee to face their sleepless nights but the caffeine just isn’t enough. Other students search for energy within others, hoping the radiant smile on someone’s face will ensure a better day.

Maybe only I feel this way. I would assume so, because everyone else seems to perform magnificent work under these extreme conditions. All twenty three students attending SJP are full of intellectual ideas. Their ability to formulate thoughts into vast sentences is absolutely amazing. These students have a journalistic approach to writing that also incorporates their creativity. All students share a great amount of passion for writing, which makes their ideas, opinions, and pieces come together effortlessly.

My inspiration to progress in my writing now comes from the many individuals whom I’ve sat next to in the past days. I am very humbled to sit amongst these unique individuals that all bring something different to SJP.

Thank you.

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