Thursday, August 9, 2012

Listening, learning, living

By Karen Oropeza (Fort Worth, TX)

One of the reasons why I want to pursue a career in journalism is because I want to help people who have lost a voice of their own. I know there are many minority groups in society that truly fear speaking up and struggle in the face of adversity.

Before coming to SJP, I never really took the opportunity to interview people for the purpose of writing an article. My conversations with others were no more than casual talk.

It wasn't until yesterday while I walked around the Princeton community to conduct interviews that I truly realized that I love listening to what people have to say. It is not easy for people to open up to strangers and the residents I interviewed gave me, for the most part, short and straightforward answers. But I did have the chance to talk to a woman about her opinions on the relocation of the local hospital and she told me much more than I expected to hear.

I could detect her sincerity in her voice. But I also noticed there was a hint of hope. She really believed that by our publication of this article, the compelling stories of the Princeton residents would be heard and that somehow someone would step up to help them. Therefore, I really do hope that once this investigative article is published, the Princeton city government will respond positively.

All in all, the interview process was a self-test that assured me that I truly enjoy learning about others. I hope that this program is only the beginning of something that can last a lifetime.

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