Friday, August 10, 2012

Through the sweat and tears

By Angela Kim (Los Angeles, CA)

Today has been the most difficult day at SJP for me so far. It was really hard for me to stay awake during breakfast and the morning workshops. But I think I’ve now reached the peak of SJP, the production of the Princeton Summer Journal. 

Even through the lack of sleep and the packed schedule, I’m learning so much more about journalism and reporting than I've ever been able to at my school newspaper. I think this is what will motivate me to successfully finish the article and the program: the fact that the piece has greater community impact than anything I’ve written before at school makes me feel like a real journalist. I know that reporting on the investigative piece will really help me bring back greater knowledge to my newspaper at school and will help me gain a new, unique perspective on what reporting really is.

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