Monday, August 6, 2012

On challenges, ethical or weather-wise

By Angela Kim (Los Angeles, CA)

Today was the third day of SJP, and I have already learned about so many aspects of journalism that I had never thought about thoroughly. Two of the workshops especially stood out to me. One of them was the first workshop, called “What is Journalism?”.

I have participated in a lot of journalism programs before SJP, but I didn’t have an opportunity to discuss controversial elements of journalism in the way that I did in this workshop. I really enjoyed learning about my fellow students' thoughts on challenging issues such as bias and ethics.

I also enjoyed the breaking news workshop, led by Brian Rokus '99 of CNN. It was very engaging and the stories that Rokus told about his experiences especially captured my attention. I really liked his stories about reporting on the hurricanes and 9/11.

I’m looking forward to the activities later this week!

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