Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Music and journalism

David Peake (Chicago, IL)

Music and journalism. Do they tie into one another? This question always leads me astray, but now I can answer it. Journalism and music are both forms of expression that can lead to overall enlightenment. An excellent speaker, Daphne Brooks, gave me a new insight: music and journalism share a relationship that brings forth beauty.

Journalism is nothing more than a form of expression; music, too, is nothing more than a form of expression, displaying they are actually parallel. If not for Brooks, then music would live in one world and journalism would live in another. Brooks in her lecture brought worlds (music and journalism), together, making them collide, creating a new perspective – music and journalism are key to the same door: expression. Because of Brooks, I will ultimately carry two important keys with me forever: music and journalism.

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