Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Become the change in the world

By Laura Nunez (Los Angeles, CA) 

I have never been so exhausted and satisfied with myself at the same time. I am amazed at the potential this group has and how we have managed to keep our sense of wonder alive despite minimal sleep and back-to -back workshops. Needless to say we are producing amazing pieces, having genuine communication, and meeting very inspiring professionals. This program has helped me reignite my interest in foreign affairs and it has reminded me of why I am so passionate about social justice. 

Politics are complicated, but being ignorant of what occurs in the world deprives us of our freedom, so we must make an effort to at least begin understanding what is going on around the world. All countries are interdependent whether it is economically or diplomatically, and as citizens in a democracy we can influence legislation in ways we can't imagine. The work I have done so far in this program has given me a clearer view of my potential and how I have the diligence and control to learn from any circumstance.

On another note, I believe inspiration can immensely transform people: it can give one a sense of empowerment and responsibility to create a better world for those who come after us. My biggest problem throughout high school has been remaining inspired and finding ways to give everything I have to offer and everything I have learned to my immediate community. It is easy to become sucked in by routine mundaneness, and many times I could feel myself burning out. This program has helped me realize that things we are passionate about are not a waste of time and that we grow from everyone we meet. Most importantly, this journalism program has made me realize that I have so much in common with people who live thousands of mile away from me and I know that these individuals will be lifelong friends and advisers. Cheers to lifelong learning and to SJP! 

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