Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Listen... Run?

By Chastity Salas (Bronx, NY)

“Swing batter batter swing!”
Determination awaited its call
Once he listened,
He swung with all his mighty… The sound ling…
Rang within my ears,
Vibrated the deliberately aimed spears.
They went away, found a place to hide
I forgot about things today…
I found my listener outside.

My fear stepped away,
I listened to what she had to say
Her words displayed meaning in every way

Like a young boy attending his first baseball game
My feelings attended the same
She was our leader, our counselor. My speak-er
My tears didn’t swell, I skipped on sand… without having to
Tiptoe… Creak.

My story and hers knew each other, though they have not seen
The other’s face, yet something was there … fragile and serene
Our lives broadcasted LIVE… on our experienced screen.

Her tears glistened
In the corner of her eyes,
My soul listened
I didn’t force myself to try

No. Not this time
Expression ain’t a crime.

Funny how suddenly you can understand
Someone...through words.
Funny how I accepted my past’s demand
While sitting in the bleachers, I flew with the birds.

I felt listened too, today
Nothing can replace today.

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