Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jam-packed lessons

By Chemi Chemi (Brooklyn, NY)

In just one day, SJP completed so much amazing work. Even though we are all exhausted, I feel proud of how productive we were. My favorite part of the day was the survey on Sikhism and the relocation of the Princeton hospital. I had personally never heard of the term Sikhism, and I realized that many New Yorkers aren’t aware of this religion, which is tragic. I think the activity - with the help of my counselor Mariya - developed my speaking skills, and also improved my professional manners, because the way we present ourselves to interviewees is crucial.

Even after visiting Newsweek, The New York Times, and CNN, we came back to Princeton and interviewed people in the neighborhood about issues due to the relocation of the hospital. It made me realize that SJP could be the voice for those who could not speak, and that we ourselves could be the change.

I thank Mariya for being so understanding about the personal stories that I shared with her. She is amazing, and just knowing that there is someone who can actually understand me makes me hopeful for my dreams. I love her! I simply have no words to accurately describe my enthusiasm for SJP. Thank you everyone, you all are the best.

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