Monday, August 6, 2012

Off for adventure

By Chastity Salis (Bronx, NY)

“Chas, I’m not going to cry,” she said.
Silence loomed, screamed within our minds.
I look deeply into her eyes,
took a deep breath and said Goodbye.
Before I turned to push the door
I turned to her, held her once more.
“Mother, I’m doing this for you.”
Her eyes quickly filled in honesty, so true.
Our looks spoke soul to soul,
Mines told hers … I’m going to go.

My aspirations became clear, early that day,
as I left home and faced the streets
I had no words, no right feelings to display
the desperate eagerness with my fingers to release my soulful beats.
My mind was made. I had to leave.
Shoved up my fear in my sleeve.

Princeton … a well known place spoke a dream
It spoke no lies, and plotted not a scheme
Princeton, whose legacy proclaimed itself proudly
inspires me to smile proudly...

At this chance to be here
to rise above my fear,
to get a chance I’ve not known
to get a time where my poetry’d be shown.
Look at far, I’ve grown
simply within 2 days ….
I look back in pure joy, look at the many ways
I’ve got this chance to learn
far beyond things I know.
Sometimes I feel marked and burned
from the paradox within my society … yet I don’t show.

But this allows me to see,
behind of what’s promoted on papers, radio … tv.
I actually get the chance to be,
the real girl, the real me.

I’ve met many new friends
Whose curiosity, like mine, never ends.
Words, I’ve learned can really influence our world …
and that’s something I’ve never realized,
yet it’s handed to me … unwrapped and uncurled.

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