Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's almost the end

By Laura Nunez (Los Angeles, CA)

I am really excited to see the final product of our newspaper. Makenna and I are working alongside Simon on a feature story about Sikhism and we have high expectations due to the amount of time and effort we have been putting into the piece. Everyone has been working diligently, typing away for more than five hours at a time. It is surprising how fast time passes by in the newsroom. Unfortunately the end of SJP has already crept upon me and I realize that despite sleep deprivation I really do not want this experience to end. I feel like I haven't reached out to my peers enough and that I'm rapidly running out of time.

Most importantly I fear that I won't hold myself accountable to following through with the resolutions I have made throughout this experience. I do not want the demands from school or from my family to interfere with my longing to learn more from those in my community. I want to continue reporting and writing, and maybe even start my own blog or publicize the one I keep secret.I have to make the time for what I love.

I really enjoyed yesterday's guest speaker Kristin Dombek. I felt like I could relate to her because she shared that she had a dificult time interviewing strangers. She also explained that the best stories are the ones that make us fearful of the responses. I believe that a good story is going to make people uncomfortable and ultimately as writers we can never satisfy everyone. Overall she was very insightful and humble, which made it a pleasure to participate in a discussion with her.

I guess for now I have to be grateful for the opportunities and experiences that SJP has offered, and come to terms with the end of my term here.

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