Thursday, August 9, 2012

Six Days

By Chastity Salas (Bronx, NY)

My motivation sprints, it travels long ways

It called up my determination to battle for six days.
I've been here for simply that long,
And never before have I felt so strong.
I'm not so afraid to share,
I don't put much care,
if I'm wrong...
Because my strong support team can teach me
They'll be there.

People I would have labeled strangers, unknown
Have engaged with me, taught me morals, I've never known
Taught me of friendship. Gee, I have grown
Grown, in little ways
In the speed of six days.

I'm learning to write in news structures 
Something once as foreign as my left hand
I'm doing... On my own command.
Amazingly, I'm learning many new things,
The future's gonna call, I await 'till it rings.

I've met reporters, some even gave me advice 
Their kindness I didn't have to decode in device
I've seen New York City, in a way I never had before
I live there... sure.
I only see the limits of my neighborhood's bloodied floor.

I've only seen success from afar,
And with that price, my dreams had scars
With a limited amount of knowledge
who even suggests college?

But in this amount of time, I'm getting prepared
And let me tell you,
The counselors advice... helps me not to be scared
That is no lie, believe me it's truth.

I can see my future now more than ever, 
I'm learning more and more, I'll be clever
With my school choice,
Because I found my voice.

This is not made to be cheesy or an uplifting ad
I am simply sharing the latest story
About this program... I feel so glad,
I'm writing about myself for once.... Oh lordy!

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