Sunday, August 12, 2012

The cliché

By David Peake (Chicago, IL)

Coming to Princeton’s Summer Journalism Program, I expected nothing but the best. When I finally made it to Princeton I didn’t get what I expected: I got something better.

After hearing people constantly say, “This program is so wonderful,” it became a cliché. But over time, I became a part of the cliché. “The program actually is wonderful,” often ran through my mind, while the other students and I walked to breakfast together. I felt a change after coming to Princeton’s program. In terms of journalism, I began to open my mind to new perceptions and even new concepts.

The counselors, the students, the speakers—what could I say? They were all fantastic. I’ll deeply miss them, especially the silly, the goofy, the fun, yet intellectual students. I don’t know if I’ll ever cross paths with the SJP students again. And if I don’t, just knowing I got to meet such wonderful people will suffice. Even though I won’t show it, I certainly know they’ll be missed.

As the plane takes off the runway headed towards Chicago, I’ll look down at Newark’s airport knowing I’ve met people who dedicated time, people who looked at things in a diverse way, and people who look forward to my success—but most of all I’ll know one thing: I’ve been to Princeton’s Summer Journalism Program.

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